SBL Photo Caption Contest

I thought I’d share two photos of me from this year’s Society of Biblical Literature conference in New Orleans, and solicit captions. The winners will be rewarded by having their captions added to the photos as the “official” captions, recognized as the winners, as well as receiving the deep sense of satisfaction that always accompanies such achievements. The second of the photos appears to have been touched up ever so slighly; the first is offered in its raw, pristine original form.

Let the captions – and the fun – commence!
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  • Stephen C. Carlson

    For the top one, "James demonstrates the swoon theory."

  • Allan R. Bevere

    Top photo– I just about had the shrimp fondue I dropped on the floor, but John Byron beat me to it.Bottom Photo– Not even "The Rat Pack" had a body guard.

  • J. L. Watts

    First one,Yes, James is standingSecond, What happens in the Matrix, stays in the Matrix

  • Nijay K. Gupta

    First one – 'James is slain by the Spirit (of fondue)'

  • Byron

    Photo # 1"World in Shock: Irishman drank under the table by biblical scholars!"Photo #2Financial Crisis Continues to Ripple Out – Falling book prices force biblical scholars to open club act.

  • Solly Gratia

    for the first one,Nope, no non-accredited Bibliobloggers from DTS writing up the lectures under there.for the second,Agent Smith: I'd like to share a revelation i've had since my time here…

  • Matt Kelley

    first one- i'm melting! i'm melting! at the melting pot! this is tragically ironic!second- don't try to exegete the bible. that is impossible. instead, try to realize the truth. there is no bible.

  • terri

    I think the title of post after this one would make a perfect caption for the first photo"High on Christology: Up in Smoke….the SBL version"

  • Gareth McCaughan

    #2: The astonishing secret of N T Wrong's identity is finally revealed.

  • Jeremy

    #1 Dodging the SBL Paparazzi#2 Exploring Our Matrix on the Piano