Every Star Shall Sing A Carol

An increasing number of people are finding their way to this blog searching for keywords related to Sydney Carter’s Christmas carol, “Every Star Shall Sing A Carol.” It is definitely something that I’ll discuss in my religion and sci-fi class next semester. I thought I’d provide the YouTube video and lyrics that I found online, for those who might wish to add an extraterrestrial or interplanetary dimension to their Christmas celebrations.

(Sydney Carter)

Every star shall sing a carol
Every creature high and low,
Come and praise the King of Heaven
By whatever name you know.

chorus: God above, man below
Holy is the name I know.

When the king of all creation
Had a cradle on the Earth,
Holy was the human body
And the day that gave him birth.

Who can tell how many crosses,
Still to come or long ago,
Crucify the king of heaven ?
Holy is the name I know.

Who can tell what other cradle
High above the Milky Way
Still may rock the king of heaven
On another Christmas Day ?

Every creature he will gather,
All shall know him for their own.
I will praise the son of Mary,
Brother of my blood and bone.

Every star and every planet,
Every creature high or low,
Sing the everlasting carol:
Holy is the name I know.

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  • Anonymous

    This was actually in a series of authorized test hymn books used in the Episcopal Church when they were putting the The Hymnal 1982 together. I remember we sang it for Christmas in the late 70's or early 80's. Unfortunately, it never got in. It is a beautiful hymn and beats the flinders off some of the old chestnuts we continue to sing in the Episcopal Hymnal. It is easy to sing, the words are inspiring and powerful. I would be curious to know if it made it into other hymnals in the Anglican Communion. Carter, the author, also wrote a powerful carol The Lord of the Dance which is one of the most popular carols sung in England.