Last Second Christmas Gifts (It’s Not Too Late!)

I love Amazon gift cards. They are perfect gifts to send any time, but if more than one person sends you one, it multiplies the shopping possibilities (with the potential for a big gift rather than several little ones!). Even if you only remember that you should have sent someone a gift on Christmas day itself, you can still get it to them without it being late, since there is no need to send an actual card, just the code via e-mail. Since people time gift cards to send on Christmas, the recipient won’t know how long before you purchased it (or in other words how late you remembered them). To top it all off, if you are a member of the Amazon Associates program (I am), you can also get points for the card you purchase, not to mention ones that other people purchase through your web site. So if you’ve forgotten to send a card/gift to someone, it isn’t too late!

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