The Biblioblog Top 50 is Dead; Long Live the Biblical Studies Carnival!

According to Jim West, the blogger formerly known as NT Wrong has decided to stop doing the Biblioblog Top 50. I don’t blame him, given the way the sheer number of biblioblogs has increased in recent months. But I do hope that something more like the original NT Wrong blog will be that blogger’s next project, as it was highly entertaining. As for those who enjoy rankings, perhaps we can start a new reality blog on which bibliobloggers dance with celebrities while other bloggers vote for their favorite.

Meanwhile, Doug Chaplin has asked what the future may/should hold for the Biblical Studies Carnival, which has also grown to a size that is difficult to manage.

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  • Josh Mann

    While it's unclear what the future is for the top 50, Jim explicitly said that it is not dead.

  • James F. McGrath

    No need to take the post's title quite so literally! :)

  • Josh Mann

    Agreed… carelessness on my part.

  • James F. McGrath

    Well, it gives us lots of opportunity to make other allusions: "Rumors of the demise of the Biblioblog Top 50 have been greatly exaggerated" and that sort of thing… :)