We’re All #1 Meme

To end the old year/begin the new year right, I thought I’d provide a fun antidote (or at least supplement) to the atheist/Christian biblioblog rankings kerfuffle. Different systems assess different things and rank differently, which could potentially lead to arguments over who is really ranked this way or that. On the other hand, we’re all good at something. And so I thought I’d try to start a meme that gives bloggers an opportunity to say what they rank #1 in. For me, I am the top result if you search on Google for the keywords corpulent pachyderms (no quotation marks needed).

What search brings you up in first place? The rules of the meme are (1) no quotation marks, (2) the search term cannot include your name or the name of your blog.

I tag Jim West, John Loftus, Joel Watts and Jim Linville (maintaining my status as Switzerland between the currently-disputing biblioblogging nations). But even if I didn’t tag you, you’re welcome to join in the fun!

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  • Search for 'you don't get my ninja skills'. Then again, this comment may suddenly become the top hit.

  • "Muratorian coherence" works for me.

  • Can I use Polycarp in any way?

  • ritual performance anxiety

  • I hope those of you who have blogs will pass the meme on there.Joel, I think your nickname falls under the category of 'name.'Bryan, so many jokes based on that phrase come to mind…but I'm sure you've already thought of them…

  • It appears that I am good at KAL DILI but if you read the linked posts you might have a different opinion.

  • I found mine!

  • pagnini babel

  • gertrude hobbssexist waterboarding

  • I am #1! In:Bible phlebotinumand: Bible woo

  • Congratulations on these achievements! I'm rather envious of that last one: it would be much cooler to be #1 in 'Bible woo' than in 'corpulent pachyderms.'Do share your achievement – and the meme – on your own blogs. Consider yourselves tagged!

  • Search for Billard's Player of the year. Oops that doesn't work for me either.

  • Worlds Worst Catholic(take that Father Coughlin)

  • jim west deleted his blogjokes about 2010horn of salvation meaningpope tippingThank you for this. I didn't realize how amazing I am.