Forgiving Darth Vader

Today in my religion and science fiction class, we brought together earlier discussions of Star Trek and Star Wars as mythologies for our era. In order to provide a humorous introduction to a comparison and contrast of these mythologies, I started things off with this video:

We ranged far and wide, but one interesting theme, that of conquering evil by redemption rather than killing, led to an interesting question: Should Hitler Darth Vader be forgiven if he repents? His death at the end of Return of the Jedi sidesteps the issue, but what if he had lived? Should he have stood trial? Should he have been executed or spent his life in prison? Should he have been set free?

A friend and colleague who is also sitting in on the class posed this question in a poll on the religion and sci-fi blog. Why not cast your vote?
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  • Jay

    This raises some interesting topics, James, that may be tangential to where you wanted the discussion to head.So as not to distract, I'm going to write up some of my thoughts over on my place.