iPads and Avatar around the blogosphere

Archaeology of the Mediterranean World is looking at the usefulness in education of the iPad and other technologies. AKMA and Art Boulet blog about the iPad too. Targuman will be getting one. Daily Hebrew finds the iPad reminiscent of older tablets. The Austringer looks at the iPad’s relevance for students. Political Jesus is unimpressed. Jeremy is already worried about screen protectors.

TheoFantastique looks at Avatar’s success. Religion Dispatches has two articles today about Avatar. The first, on the “myth of originality,” has a very clever title: “Something Borrowed, Something Blue.” The second article diagnoses a previously unknown condition: Post-Avatar Ecological Depressive Disorder. Sightings also opens “Pandora’s box,” and Jesus Creed asks if people think Avatar is anti-religious.

Joseph Hoffman looks at the Gospels as copying exercises. Evangelical Textual Criticism shared video lectures on how we got the New Testament and reading New Testament papyri.

Jim Davila shared that the Gnostic Centre has been denied charitable status in the U.K. I don’t know why it wouldn’t deserve charitable status, but I’d certainly question its self-characterization as Gnostic.

The Clever Badger explores the question I asked about forgiving Darth Vader.

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  • I think you should check out Hitler's opinion on the iPad

  • Rod

    Oh James, I am throughly unimpressed with the iPad to the point of laughing too much.