Already LOST

The student whose blog about LOST I recently mentioned has already moved to a new address:
Having mentioned the blog, it seemed appropriate to let you know that it has moved and where it has moved to.

Also of interest is Diglotting offering a theory about Jacob and Esau, and DocArtz blogging about “the theological smoke monster.” So the show’s theological themes are getting attention on regular LOST blogs, as well as among bibliobloggers!

Finally, I just noticed an older piece in The Onion about the smoke monster getting its own spin-off comedy series…

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  • Bryan

    Seems like most of those links just go to James.

  • That's weird! I'm not sure what happened…I'll try to fix it!

  • It should work now!

  • Bryan

    Yep, thanks!

  • Thanks for the second shout out! I think my blogging skills probably need some serious work but I'm enjoying myself and if nothing else it's certainly helping me formulate my own thoughts on the show.