Creationism x2, Lost x2

Just a couple of links and a couple of thoughts. First, two posts from around the blogosphere related to creationism. First, Richard Hoppe has a post on creationism as science-stopper. Second, Nick Norelli notes dubious claims in a forthcoming study Bible.

On the topic of LOST, I wonder whether anyone has explored possible connections between the show and either Theodore Sturgeon’s short story “Dazed” or the concept of “game” in Scientology.

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  • Luke

    So, the smoke monster is lord Xenu trying to escape his imprisonment?

  • Luke

    I have never read "Dazed" and I'm finding it difficult to get a copy right now but I did find this bit about it from "The Gospel According to Science Fiction." (click link to Amazon, do a search for 'dazed' and you should go to page 121).Depending on one's interpretation of this ambiguity, this story may suggest that increased sin is needed to restore the world from its fallenness. "Dazed" suggests that the only way for a world to be saved from sin is for it to fall further into it.

  • Qohelet

    "Nick Norelli notes dubious claims in a forthcoming study Bible"This is hardly news. I've read extracts of NIV/ESV/HCSB/NLT study bibles and they all denigrate the theory of evolution.