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Since I received an e-mail asking about some online materials of mine that have been around on the web for some time, but recently became harder to find, I thought I’d post about them.

Geocities recently closed, taking with it a lot of web resources that people had shared over a period of many years. I moved everything I had on Geocities to a directory on my academic web page. You can also find them on the Internet Archive. Some of them (for instance, a public lecture I gave in Durham years ago entitled “Were Christians Monotheists? The Answer of John’s Gospel“) eventually evolved into chapters in The Only True God. There are also materials there in Romanian which I created, or had students produce, back when I taught in Romania.

For more recent items also published in print, you can find many of them on my Selected Works page.

There’s a working paper on John 5 I wrote as a student, entitled “God’s Equal or God’s Agent? John 5:16-47 in Johannine Legitimation“. There’s also a piece on John 6 which I published online back in my student days (which in spite of repeated attempts to get it fixed is still attributed on the web site that now hosts it to both myself and Terry Larm, the editor of the online journal in which it first appeared). The Journal of Biblical Studies was the first venue for what became the chapter on “two powers” in The Only True God (and there will perhaps be something else by me there in the future, if they ever manage to get access to their site again and resume publishing).

I hope some of these are useful to some of you. If so, please do tell me! If not, please do tell me why! :-)

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  • Don

    I posted an article on the subject of "Are Christians Monotheists" and I have linked that post to your article. Many thanks!

  • James F. McGrath

    Do let me know where you posted it (I didn't see it on your blog). I'd be interested in reading it!