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There Was Never Any Magic

I just saw the recent Sherlock Holmes movie [SPOILER ALERT], and was surprised to find it so full of Hebrew/Aramaic letters. I resisted the temptation to rewind and freeze each time to see if what was shown consistently spelled actual words. Movies take so much longer to watch when you do that. Sometimes there were genuine words (I glimpsed tsedek and shelemuth), [Read More…]

Mandaic Spoken Here (On Long Island)

The New York Times (HT Jim Davila) has a video about rare languages spoken in New York. One of them is Mandaic, that is, Neo-Mandaic, the modern spoken dialect. Unfortunately the video cannot be embedded. If Dakhil Shooshtary or any other Mandaeans living in the United States have in their possession copies of the Mandaean Book of [Read More…]

We Didn’t Hear The Question

In connection with a discussion of banning laptops in classrooms, a music video has been made with that well-worn phrase that sometimes accompanies in-class laptop use: “Please repeat the question.” There’s a transcript as well as the video here. Please Repeat the Question from Amanda Bakale on Vimeo. HT Greenflame [Read more…]

Locke Untangled

The latest LOST Untangled is a music video about the life of John Locke. It is called “Locked and Loaded,” although the chorus is “Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do.” Fans are going to love this… HT DocArtz [Read more…]

Jennifer Knapp Interview on Larry King Live

Here’s Part One of a video of Jennifer Knapp being interviewed by Larry King on CNN: You can find a transcript on the CNN website. The parts are also on YouTube, and the whole thing is interesting. HT a time to rend [Read more…]

Videos Galore! Noah, the Arkeologists and Much More!

There are lots of interesting video items today. Jim West and the ASOR blog share the ABC News coverage of the latest alleged discovery of Noah’s Ark, featuring Eric Cline. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be possible to embed it here, but it is definitely worth watching. Bible Films Blog shares that the documentary “Jesus [Read More…]

Church of the V

Tonight’s episode of “V” cranked up the level of spirituality and religious themes. Although hints of Anna being viewed as like a god were raised in the last episode, tonight’s showed what might well be a realistic response to the arrival of aliens who demonstrated an ability to heal otherwise incurable human illnesses and injuries. After [Read More…]

Lostless Tuesday

As fans try to cope with this Tuesday without LOST, here is an account by Nikki Stafford of the things that run through LOST fans minds’ as they sit in church… [Read more…]

Boobquake on the Colbert Report

For those following “boobquake,” a humorous “test” of the connectedness or otherwise of immodest dress and earthquakes, it made it onto the Colbert Report. The whole thing started with a student named Jen McCreight right here in Indiana. The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Boobquake Day Causes Earthquake Colbert Report Full [Read More…]

Hashem and the Record Club

Last night I watched the movie A Serious Man, which I must confess is the first Coen brothers film I’ve seen. It is powerful in its subtlety. The movie was recommended to me as a sort of “modern retelling of Job,” but in a sense it has many inversions of the Job narrative, and is [Read More…]