A Sign From God on Fringe

A Sign From God on Fringe April 24, 2010

I am still a week behind on the TV series Fringe, but I found last week’s episode, which brings Fringe and Lost into contact yet again as time travel, signs from God, and the identies of “man of science” and “man of faith” were given a powerful treatment.

If there is a religion-related question that Fringe, Lost, and FlashForward all lead us to ask, it is whether the sense some of us sometimes have that our lives are being woven into a pattern by a higher power, giving us direction even sometimes in the form of a sign, is an indication that God (in the traditional theistic sense) exists, or that time travel is possible. If time travel is possible, then someone could talk to you in the future, learn from you that you are seeking a sign from God, and travel back in time to provide you with the sign, even though time changes as a result and you never have the conversation.

As we got to meet the character of Dyson Frost on FlashForward this past week, I was reminded of the character Paul Atreides, aka Muad’dib, in the Dune novels. By using spice (not the modern variety that has been in the news alot lately, but something else), he gains the ability to see the future, and thus at one point we find him going through the motions of a conversation he has already experienced in his mind. Two more science fiction works (one recent, one now a classic), both of which explore visions of the future and their impact in relation to religion as well as other aspects of life.

If it turned out that we live in a reality in which parallel universes exist and time travel is possible, how would that affect your view of God, and how might traditional religions adapt to incorporate such ideas into their thinking?

[A footnote for fans of Dune: the story was originally set in Oregon, before Frank Herbert decided to move it to the planet Arrakis!]

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  • If there are parallel universes, then I would hold that God is the God of them all, the sole entity outside of everything. Jesus' incarnation would involve coming into not only time and space, but every time and each spacial realm.Perhaps in one of the dimensions Jesus actually did offer a physical kingdom to the Jews and they accepted and we all live under the Theocratic rule of Messiah on earth. This would mean, at least, we would never have heard of Tim LaHaye or Hal Lindsey. 😉

  • If parallel (and yet not equal) universes existed, our concern would be in which one if any , God would be most interested to participate in. Religions have been trying to isolate God into their own partitioned universes for centuries now, and thankfully for our sake; He is too busy with our own singularity to be burdened with multiple ones. With regards to time travel, under the auspices of God, it is indeed a reality. The do’s and don’ts found on the Alternate Tablet, the Alternate Moses revealed in that otherUniverse. After an NDE I had over twenty-five years ago, I notice a behavioral change in me that was linked directly to what I had witnessed in Heaven. When I would go shopping, I began to make purchases, in duplicate. Two toothpastes, two shaving creams, two identical pairs of running shoes, two identical shirts, two identical surf boards, two tires for the blown out one on the bicycle, etcetera.Had I accidently stumbled into a parallel universe with my NDE? I asked God for a reason and He revealed it to me. The answer was funny and part of it can be shared by all, by just peering into the night sky and reasoning that every star is different and unique in God’s Infinite Universe. In God’s heart, we are each His stars and there is only one of us. And I no longer buy things in duplicate.

  • Interesting Keika, I had just argued that NDE are a kind of mystical experience and you are definately evidence.

  • I don't watch much Fringe. In fact only one episode, didn't care for any of the characters. On multiple realities and time travel. My thinking is that for God to be good, all alternate possibilities would have to end in justice or be non-experienced, they exist in theory but no one actually is experiencing the universe where Hitler is torturing innocents for eternity, it is only a hypothetical possibility. Which would be an issue for an omniscient God since his mind would contain information on any possible configuration of reality. Not like our imagination which are only superficial images, but a complete one down to the interactions of every individual particle. From God's perspective it would be indistinguishable from real realities(the ones WE experience)So if it is possible that a universe could exist where evil triumphs over good for eternity, then God would experience it, and the feeling of all the beings in it even if there are no actual beings in it. On time travel, as of yet no time traveler has bothered to visit us, so either we are too boring for anyone ever to want to visit, or there are no time travelers, or time travelers cannot interact with us, which would not make them time travelers really. I mean we see galaxies as they were millions of years ago but we can't alter the course of their development.