Monotheism and Christology at SBL?

There seems to be strong interest in the relationship between monotheism and Christology in academic New Testament scholarship at present. Jewish monotheism, Wisdom, agency, mediator figures, divine identity, and many other topics seem to be more and more the focus of discussion, interest, and interaction – not least in the biblioblogosphere.

I wonder whether there would be any interest in creating some sort of of venue for discussing this broad range of interrelated topics at the Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting. It would not necessarily need to be a program unit, and perhaps should not be one, given that, on the one hand, the increasing number of program units creates many logistical problems, while on the other hand, this field overlaps and intersects with a great number of different program units already in existence.

I wonder how much interest there would be in some sort of additional meeting devoted to this topic, and to the extent that there is interest, whether you envisage papers being read, or informal conversation over food and/or drinks.

If some who are reading this are already part of the “early high Christology club” and feel like what I’m suggesting is already covered, I’d be interested to know when and where that group meets these days, just so that I can try to organize an “early low Christology club” that meets at the same time and includes those who (with good reason) have not been invited to the former group’s gatherings!   🙂

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  • James: I'm potentially game bcpunt me in for now. If papers would be read, I think it would be good to get SBL sanction, if only for the sake of our CVs. 🙂 Otherwise, discussion and stategic planning (of what, I'm not sure) would great too.

  • If there were a low christology club, I'd go to SBL just for that.

  • Always interested, although I wonder if the heyday was about 10 years ago.

  • Very interested, just not sure where I would fit in.