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Homosexuality in Sunday School

In my Sunday school class, we’ve been working through Scot McKnight’s book The Blue Parakeet, which is very useful in helping stimulate discussion of a very important topic: Christians, even self-proclaimed “Bible-believing Christians”, do not “believe the whole Bible” and/or “take it all literally.” Scot helps readers, even conservative Christian ones, to recognize that Christians [Read More…]

White-Throated Sparrow

We still haven’t gotten a proper glimpse of the bird that has been entertaining us with its distinctive song, but we now have a definite identification based on its song. It is a White-Throated Sparrow. Here’s the song as typical in the Midwest (it varies regionally). [Read more…]

Wheaton Wright Conference Audio and Video

Thanks to both Brian LePort and Celucien Joseph for pointing out and sharing that videos and audio files from the conference on N. T. Wright at Wheaton College have been made available online. [Read more…]

Darwin 3:16

HT The Dispersal of Darwin [Read more…]

Bruce Waltke and Evolution on ABC World News Tonight

ABC World News Tonight had a segment on Bruce Waltke ‘s resignation from RTS. Peter Enns appears briefly. The relevant clip can be found on YouTube. [Read more…]

Distortion of Jesus’ Message

From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, via Friendly Atheist. [Read more…]

Doctor Who: The Beast Below

I just watched the second episode of the latest Doctor Who season, “The Beast Below.” I won’t post any spoilers, since most readers may not have had a chance to see this episode yet. But presumably I won’t spoil it for anyone if I say that this episode is wonderful, one of the most intelligent [Read More…]

The Bird That Sings C, Bb, G

There’s a bird in our yard these days, and it sings a high descending C, Bb, G, holding the first note longer than the other two, and sometimes repeating the last note several times. Are any readers who are also birdwatchers able to offer some suggestions as to what it might be? I’m starting to think [Read More…]

The Globetrotters vs. the Butler Bulldogs

This comes from the student newspaper The Butler Collegian, which also has a story about a grant awarded to my colleague Chad Bauman. [Read more…]

Picking and Choosing in the News

Rick Phillips has commented on the resignation of Bruce Waltke over his views on evolution and creation. His view is that acceptance of science over the Bible on even one point undermines the whole thing. I assume that either he believes that there is a dome over the earth, or rejects the Bible altogether, because [Read More…]