Quote of the Day (Matt Kelley)

“By inviting Glenn Beck, Liberty University is proving once again that they value their identity as Americans (at least, their definition of what a “real” American is) more than their identity as Christians. The fact that Beck shares their political orientation trumps the fact that they think he is going to hell because of his religion…Say what you want about them, but at least they’re being clear on what is most important to them. The neo-conservative vision of America comes first. Evangelical Christianity comes second. “

—  Matt Kelley, “What Liberty University Really Stands For” on his blog The Truth As Best I Know It
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  • "The neo-conservative vision of America comes first. Evangelical Christianity comes second."That seems true of much of American Evangelicalism (sadly).

  • I remember once hearing D.James Kennedy talk about America's "Judeo-Christian" tradition and he pointed out that Catholics and Jews were a very small proportion of the population at the time of the Revolution and that, therefore, it was more accurate to say that America was Protestant rather than Judeo-Christian. I think that Kennedy was letting his listeners know that he was only putting up with the Jews and Catholics for convenience. Once the conservative Protestants had enough power, they could be declared un-American along with the Mormons no doubt.

  • If you ever want to see what a non-jingoist evangelical is like, check out Greg Boyd's The Myth of the Christian Nation.

  • Because we must base our understanding and knowledge in the real world…then, politics is the "real realm of world-solving problems". Why wouldn't any sectarian group, if they want to remain relevant, be involved in the political process?

  • Provocative statement…but it seems to me that Kelley may be presenting a double standard. If a different university invited a speaker who didn't believe in God, but whose political ideology was in line with theirs, would we condemn said university for compromise, or praise them for their liberal outlook and ability to glean wisdom from someone who doesn't agree with them on all their views?@ScottF — I've read Boyd's Myth of a Christian Nation and I think it supplies some important correctives.

  • This is a very good quote of the day. Glenn Beck made an honest mistake, by inserting his definition of progressive 'social justice' into religion, when we conservatives know that 'equal justice' is law in the Constitution of the United States, and only a mere precept in the Bible. 😉

  • I have Boyd's "Myth of a Christian Nation" and I think it is a must-read book for all American evangelicals.