I Want My (Dose of James McGrath Talking about LOST on) MTV (News)

Today I did an interview with MTV news about the LOST finale and in particular some of the religious ideas and imagery connected with the “flash sideways universe.” The result is the article by Eric Ditzian, “‘Lost’ Finale: Experts Talk Impact Of Religion On The Island.” If you read it, let me know what you think of this “mash up” of religion experts commenting on LOST’s own religious mash-up!

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  • http://patmccullough.com/ Pat McCullough

    Thanks for sharing that link, James. I think the article is surprisingly well done. Plate has a good point regarding the evolving nature of religious traditions over many centuries. It would be a mistake to consider any one religion actually "one thing," a monolithic entity. I can appreciate that.Where I take issue with the finale ending is in this other point Plate makes: "The final scene — it doesn't matter if you're a Hindu or a Jew or a Buddhist — we all die." Well, this is certainly true and it feels like they're saying that in the final scene a little bit. But why would LOST pick up that sort of message? I liked the subtlety throughout the series with a mashup of symbolism, but the final scene was too much — I go into more detail on my own post.Way to get some sex talk in there. You knew they were going to put a sex comment in an MTV article. :)