Did Jesus Act As Though He Thought He Was God?

In a follow-up to his previous post on what Jesus claimed, Andrew Perriman has another post focusing on Jesus’ actions and what they suggest about Jesus’ self-understanding. In it he interacts with both primary and secondary source material of relevance.

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  • Here's the comment I left at Perriman's blogThis question always sends me back to the gospels…to see if I have misread something so basic.There are two relevant issues…did Jesus think of himself as God and did the gospel writers think of him as God? The problem with drawing a distinction between the two questions is that we are relying on the gospel writers to tell us what Jesus said, did, and thought…yet we can also acknowledge that each gospel is trying to frame Jesus in a particular way. Matthew puts the question on the lips of observers of Jesus; what sort of man is this…who has authority to forgive sins…who speaks not as the teachers of the law…who even the winds and the waves obey? Over and over we Matthew finishes a particular scene with this question. And then, at the end of the crucifixion, we get our answer from Matthew via the Roman soldier; "Surely this was the Son of God."Son of God isn't necessarily equivalent to God….but it's getting awfullt close.Matthew also has Jesus referring to his angels and his kingdom in the parable of the wheat and tares….again…not a direct indication of deity, but awfully presumptuous for a typical, earthly leader.Imagine Moses referring to his angels….or his kingdom. It is this assumed, un-self-conscious authority that Matthew pushes to shape our views about who this Jesus character really is.Of course, this strange contradiction of Jesus' humanity and his spiritual authority as portrayed in the gospels is what has led to the development of the Trinity….a doctrine as incomprehensible now as it probably was then….and just as easy to see why it began to be developed.How to explain a man who says and does incredible things, but also seems to be an ordinary human….2,000 years later and we're still not sure what to make of it.