The Vulcan Way

IO9 has a religion and science fiction piece worth sharing, on living like a Vulcan.
Actually, you could have many of the debates people sometimes do about real-life traditions, now that I think about it. Is being Vulcan a matter of religion or ethnicity? Is it a religion, or a philosophy?

The painting seemed reminiscent of paintings of Jesus, and so I thought I’d share it. And then of course my mind turned to Spock’s Beard,a progressive rock band which itself has some connections with religion.

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  • J. L. Watts

    Umm…. philosophy, although the katra (?sp) has a religious meanign to it, no less due to the resurrecting ability it gives. It may be that to achieve the full 'Vulcaness' one would have to be fully Vulcan, hence Spock's inability to keep control of his emotions all the time.

  • Mystical Seeker

    That looks to me like a painting of the evil Spock from the episode "Mirror, Mirror" in the original series.

  • James F. McGrath

    Joel, as a married human you should not be taking an interest in any Vulcaness! :)

  • J. L. Watts

    What happens in deep space stays in deep space. :)