Scholarship on Online Scholarship

Some resources came to my attention today:

Via Ancient World Bloggers Group, an announcement about a new journal, New Knowledge Environments, described as “a peer-reviewed scholarly journal and open community archive for those engaged in exploring and understanding the nature of text-oriented communication in the past, present, and future.” Its inaugural issue is Research Foundations for Understanding Books and Reading in the Digital Age.

Via Nick Norelli, I learned that Durham University is making doctoral dissertations and also peer-reviewed publications by scholars available online at their site Durham Research Online. For instance, James D. G. Dunn on “Jesus and Purity” from New Testament Studies.

And via Jim West I first heard about Bob Cargill’s article in The Bible and Interpretation on how blogging may supplement (if not replace) peer review. The title is “How and Why Academic Peer-Review is About to Change.”
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