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September Biblical Studies Carnival

Steven Demmler hosts the September Biblical Studies Carnival at his blog You Can’t Mean That! [Read more…]

The Event: 4400 Lost Heroes?

I’m not sure that casting Zeljko Ivanek in his role on The Event was a good idea. It might have been obvious anyway that there are similarities with a key plot element on Heroes, but having the same actor playing such a similar role makes it seem that much less original. The ordinary human in a leadership position [Read More…]

Noah’s Lunches

Today’s Speed Bump: [Read more…]

The Future of the Book

A colleague forwarded me this video on three directions the book is taking as a result of new technology: Whatever you think of the video, I hope you find it an exciting and encouraging alternative to the future described in the title of an article in Inside Higher Ed: “Book: buk n (obs.)” Also related [Read More…]

What Aliens are Currently Watching on Earth TV

HT Carmen Andres It is interesting to think that, if we continue to move increasingly towards cable and then internet as a means of distributing content, eventually phasing out the antenna broadcasts that leak our shows into space, some show currently on, if it continues long enough, might be the last TV show aliens pick up. [Read More…]

Cartoons and Blogs Old and New

There’s this new one from Naked Pastor: And these older ones from a blog that is new to me, and which Targuman linked to: The Welcome Matt: [Read more…]

Banning Commenters on Blogger

One of the issues those with Blogger blogs have struggled with are spammers who, in spite of repeating the same thing a ridiculous number of times, nevertheless never seem to have their “comments” sent to the spam filter. A solution has been provided at long last. If you need it, BlogBanScript is now available for installation [Read More…]

Mandaic Book of John Project Software

The software/font side of the Mandaean Book of John project is the domain of Steve Caruso, and just today he posted on his blog The Aramaic Blog about where he sees this aspect of the project headed. Pay a visit and find out what he hopes to accomplish! [Read more…]

Bland Green Background

I know that some readers (or would-be readers) have encountered problems on mobile devices and some browsers since the last time I tinkered with the blog’s layout. I think the background graphic was a particular source of slow loading and other problems. If you previously had problems, or had them on some devices, please do [Read More…]

Competing Cosmologies

Thanks to Bob MacDonald for sharing his photos from a recent visit to a science museum, which included a display featuring two models of the universe (in fact, what we’d call the solar system) side by side: [Read more…]