Banning Commenters on Blogger

One of the issues those with Blogger blogs have struggled with are spammers who, in spite of repeating the same thing a ridiculous number of times, nevertheless never seem to have their “comments” sent to the spam filter.

A solution has been provided at long last. If you need it, BlogBanScript is now available for installation as a gadget on your blog.

It automatically replaces the author name and the text of the comment with a message that you specify.

There have been a few hiccups, but it seems to be working now. If you notice something strange, let me know!

On a related topic, I did notice that the new Blogger spam filter has sent some comments by regular legitimate commenters to the spam filter. As always, if that happens your comment will eventually get through, and I apologize for any delay. The spam filter is not an optional feature on Blogger, and so I can only hope that it will continue to learn the difference between real and spam comments as I continue to mark yours as “not spam.” In the mean time, your patience is appreciated, and hopefully between the ability to prevent what amounts to internet spam terrorism using the script I mentioned, and the Blogger spam filter to prevent blogs being innundated with advertising and irrelevant comments, the result will be a forum in which discussion can take place freely and enjoyably.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

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