Is The Event the (or my) Next LOST?

It is too soon to tell whether The Event will live up to – or live down – the suggestion that it might be “the next LOST.” But if tomorrow night’s episode manages to carry the story forward in interesting ways, then one thing is likely: I’ll be blogging about it.

You might notice a familiar pattern developing already, as blogs start to appear dedicated to exploring the show’s mysteries. The Event Log is such a blog, and they have reposted my recent blog entry about the endings of LOST, Job, and The Event. So so pay them a visit!

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  • gerardk

    I gave up on The Event after 10mins. Can't bear to watch another program that jumps time backwards and forwards.

  • skinman

    NBC's advertising scared me away from The Event long before it aired. I've gotten hooked on Rubicon on AMC. It's about some mysterious conspiracy and it has a very understated feel to it that would never fly on other networks. And I'm very excited to see that The Walking Dead premieres on Halloween.