Noah’s Lunches

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  • Gary H.

    Yeah. I thought Noah was a vegetarian too, until they landed, and God decided to concede the whole animal sacrifice, bar-B-Que meat-while-in-the-desert thing. Everytime Moses disappeared for awhile, the first the the Israelites wanted to do is build an altar, and start the Bar-B-Q up. All they did was constantly complain about not having meat. Meat was preferred over slavery. Interesting about human nature.

  • We raise chickens for food. I can eat Chicken Legs in Chinese restaurants but I can't eat my chickens' legs. What is that all about?So, who do you think on Noah's boat broke down and ate their own chickens' legs?(Wings, I could understand — but then, I am American and not Chinese)

  • Gary H.

    "So, who do you think on Noah's boat broke down and ate their own chickens' legs?"…Ancient ancestor of Wile E. Coyote, he could never finish anything.