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Lostaholics Anonymous

Nikki Stafford is organizing Lostaholics Anonymous. When I have time, I may outline a twelve-step program, although the truth is that for many the issue is coping with symptoms of withdrawal, rather than ongoing addiction… [Read more…]

Mythicism and Mainstream Historical Method

I thought I’d share a link to the Wikipedia entry on “Historical Method.” Obviously it is an attempt to outline and summarize what several other books about historical method (only a couple of which I have read or consulted, but in relation to those it seems to get the gist about right). I share it not because [Read More…]

The Discipline of Daily Writing

I thought of the role blogs play for some of us when I saw this cartoon in a New Yorker article about education (which Chris Brady shared): [Read more…]

Qur’an-Snatcher Song

Having spent so much time looking at the planned Qur’an-burning, it would be an inexcusable failure on my part if I didn’t share this follow-up with you: someone has taken the news piece about the person who snatched the Qur’an of a would-be Quran-burner, and set it to music using (the increasingly popular) auto-tuning (HT Unreasonable Faith): [Read more…]

Bultmann and Wright on Nursery Rhymes

Two pieces of Biblical studies humor have resurfaced in the biblioblogosphere. First, here’s Bultmann reads Mother Goose: Bultmann Reads Mother Goose by Jack Lundquist I–A: Hey diddle-diddle, I-B: The cat and the fiddle, II–A: The cow jumped over the moon, II–B: The little dog laughed to see such sport, III–: And the dish ran away [Read More…]

Two Rachmaninov Preludes (for Ken Schenck)

Prelude in G# minor op.32 no.12 Prelude in Bb minor op.32 no.2 Dedicated to Ken Schenck on his birthday. Public domain sheet music of these and other pieces can be found at IMSLP, for those who find that useful. [Read more…]

Review of Dale Allison, Constructing Jesus

I am delighted to have had the opportunity to read an advance copy of Dale Allison’s forthcoming book, Constructing Jesus: Memory, Imagination, and History (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2010), and am grateful to Baker Academic for having allowed me to do so. (The best glimpses publicly available can be found here). I will jump briefly to [Read More…]

What was the Ending of LOST?

One of the all-time most popular posts on this blog is my explanation of the ending of LOST. I’ve occasionally had people reach here searching specifically for “What was the ending of LOST?” and it is actually a good question. There is a sense in which an ending in the afterlife is not what we [Read More…]

Big Tent Christianity eBook

Bob Cornwall drew to my attention that the Big Tent Christianity eBook has become available. It is a book in pdf form comprised of the blog posts that were part of the Big Tent Christianity synchroblog, and includes a contribution by yours truly. [Read more…]

Quote of the Day (Glenn Peoples)

“[T]he conservative Christian community wants its scholars as long as it can control them. It’s as though there are communities of believers who really think that they already know and understand as much as can possibly be understood about the Bible, theology, philosophy etc, and what they want is someone with letters after their name [Read More…]