The Event: 4400 Lost Heroes?

I’m not sure that casting Zeljko Ivanek in his role on The Event was a good idea. It might have been obvious anyway that there are similarities with a key plot element on Heroes, but having the same actor playing such a similar role makes it seem that much less original. The ordinary human in a leadership position in a federal security organization seeks to deal with the threat from people who are genetically different in important ways from the rest of us, and are a threat “hidden in plain sight.” And so he gives orders to his colleague (who is secretly one of them) to hunt them down and round them up. Sound familiar? More importantly, does it sound too familiar?

At least, The Event does not seem to be seeking to mimic LOST by stringing us along with unanswered questions. But it may have some twists and turns involved. If these “others” are different from humans by only about 1%, it becomes doubtful that they are in fact an unrelated extraterrestrial species. And so perhaps, as in The 4400, it will turn out that these are not aliens but humans from the future?

In the mean time, the show has begun to explore issues of racism, human and animal rights, and wrongful imprisonment. How genetically similar or different does an entity have to be, before we accord it the full rights that we give to humans?

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  • Sherry

    I cannot see this guy now except as a villain. I do like your idea that they are from the future though. If they are to maintain any scientific integrity, then these "aliens" will have to be pretty close to home. The future sounds about right.

  • terri

    Between the blue orb of light and the these people are not really normal "people"…I couldn't help but think of The 4400. Too bad they cancelled The 4400…because it was much more interesting!My husband summed up my feelings about The Event pretty succinctly. "I have no desire to get sucked into another show that requires so much investment and will probably be canceled."Like…Heroes, Flash Forward.

  • James F. McGrath

    It is quickly becoming not only typical but advisable to wait until a series has run its course and then, if it didn't end badly, get it on DVD or via NetFlix. I wonder if that will be the future, and if so, whether it will effect whether and how series are made.