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Music for Reformation Sunday

In addition to being Halloween, today is Reformation Sunday, and so this is perhaps the one day of the year when I have an excuse to share some Reformation music. Not music from the Reformation, but something both dated and up-to-date. The story of the Reformation explored through the genre of progressive rock. To fans [Read More…]

An Inadequate Testimony (From Ken Ham’s Perspective)

Ken Ham has chosen to respond once again to some things I’ve written, this time offering my very brief description of how I came to a personal faith as “a warning to the contemporary church.” If the disdain with which Ham uses words like “experience” is anything to go by, he probably has never had a life-changing [Read More…]

Reformation Sunday Halloween Oktoberfest Biblical Studies Blog Carnival Extravaganza!

This month’s Biblical Studies Carnival has been posted by Jonathan Robinson at his blog ξἐνος. [Read more…]

Ken Pulliam Passed Away

I just learned from John Loftus that Ken Pulliam, whose blog Why I De-Converted From Evangelical Christianity many of you know, passed away suddenly from a heart attack. He will be missed. [Read more…]

Restoring Sanity to Signs

I’m glad that Arni Zachariassen shared a link to the 100 best signs from the Rally to Restore Sanity. Some are excellent, and several relate to religion, science fiction, and other perennial themes on this blog. I think that my favorite, however, is one that was shared on the blog Young Anabaptist Radicals: [Read more…]

Lingamish 30 Day 30 Blogger Massacre

David Ker is writing a novel. His aim is to (fictionally) kill off 30 bloggers in 30 days. I’m sure he’d value your input on creative and appropriate ways for your favorite bloggers to meet their demise. Let your imagination run wild! [Read more…]

Hitler vs. Digital Humanities

Bob Cargill shared a brilliant video, which unfortunately cannot be embedded. While you may have seen other versions of the same clip from the movie Downfall (with Bruno Ganz as Hitler) in which the subtitles have been changed, this particular version is about digital humanities, Critical Commons and open access scholarship. All those interested in these [Read More…]

The Gadarene Swine Fallacy

While poking around online for information on toponymics indicating a person’s homeland or place of origin, I happened across a reference to “the Gadarene Swine Fallacy.” A web site called Philosophical Society defines the fallacy as follows: “The GSF is the fallacy of supposing that because a group is in the right formation, it is necessarily [Read More…]

Lost Chapter in the Story of The Darth Knight

HT to Matt Kelley for this video, a Monty Python/Star Wars mash-up that I think everyone will enjoy. [Read more…]

And The Winner Is…

The winner of the Dale Allison Constructing Jesus giveaway is…Mark Stevens. Congratulations! [Read more…]