Music for Reformation Sunday

In addition to being Halloween, today is Reformation Sunday, and so this is perhaps the one day of the year when I have an excuse to share some Reformation music. Not music from the Reformation, but something both dated and up-to-date. The story of the Reformation explored through the genre of progressive rock.

To fans of progressive rock, the name Neal Morse is probably familiar. He was the frontman and a founding member of Spock’s Beard. Lately he has been writing and performing Christian music in the progressive rock genre, and one of his albums, Sola Scriptura, is focused on the story of Luther and the Protestant Reformation.

Here’s a sample:

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  • Jonathan Robinson

    i didn't know they made them like that anymore! good fun, but is it still PROGRESSIVE rock if it sounds the same as it did in the 70s? :-)

  • James F. McGrath

    That's a good question. Presumably to be progressive yet along the same trajectory, we'd need to have albums that took the form of multi-CD sets, since album-long songs were already done back then…Any other thoughts about whether progressive rock that sounds like 70s progressive rock is "progressive"? And any thoughts on whether progressive rock is the ideal genre to express progressive Christianity? :)

  • Dr. Evangelicus

    1 minute and 19 seconds of that was quite enough.