Restoring Sanity to Signs

I’m glad that Arni Zachariassen shared a link to the 100 best signs from the Rally to Restore Sanity. Some are excellent, and several relate to religion, science fiction, and other perennial themes on this blog.

I think that my favorite, however, is one that was shared on the blog Young Anabaptist Radicals:

"Perhaps "pure gnostic influence..." would have been more succinct."

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  • Vinny

    My favorite is one on the ones Stewart suggested when he announced the rally: "I disagree with you, but I'm pretty sure you're not Hitler."

  • Hacksaw Duck

    So "signs are an impractical medium for civil discourse." When signs were the peculiar province of anti-war protesters, they seemed just fine. What's changed? Oh … probably the people carrying them! I get it.