Revenge of the Ossuary?

With the trial related to the James ossuary about to end, it seems we’re going to have a resumption of the lively debates about its authenticity. For those who may have forgotten about it, the ossuary has the inscription “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus” on its side, and the trial relates to whether Oded Golan (who brought the ossuary to light on the antiquities market), or perhaps someone else, forged the inscription, or whether it might in fact be authentic.

I for one hope that a new set of experts in ancient inscriptions (and in particular patinas) will reinvestigate and bring some clarity to the situation.

In the mean time, read Jack Kilmon and Jim West, and the blog dedicated to the trial created by journalist Matthew Kalman, and let the debates resume!

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  • tim

    Hi JamesThanks for the link! The ossuary is more than likely the former resting place of souls humble though this reverence has left it now to be historical, real or not.So much for sacred space!