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November 2010 Biblioblog Top 50

Jeremy has not only posted the rankings for this past month, but also shared some tips on how I could have ranked higher. I’ll know better for next time… [Read more…]

SF in SF

I just realized that, if we manage to organize a session on science fiction and the Bible for next year’s SBL, which will be in San Francisco, we can bill it as “SF in SF”! If that doesn’t convince you that 2011 is the year to do this, then perhaps nothing will! And just think [Read More…]

The Book of Revelation: How It Should Have Ended

Today in my class on Revelation we were up to chapter 19, which features the second of three instances in which we expect a climactic battle only to have no battle described and the victory of God/Christ proclaimed. We had previously discussed the challenges of turning absolute monotheism into a narrative with plot, suspense and [Read More…]

YouTube Can Teach You Anything: How To Cook Mandaean Spiced Duck

While it is still the case that the Mandaeans (and the plight facing them in their historic homeland) are not as well known today as they ought to be, the internet is contributing immensely to the spread of knowledge as well as to the Mandaean community’s preservation of a sense of identity in spite of [Read More…]

Mandaeans and the Background to the Gospel of John

Via Antonio Lombatti and Jim West, I became aware of an article on the background to the Gospel of John. It is by Vhumani Magezi and is in the open access journal based in South Africa HTS Teologiese Studies / Theological Studies, 66:1 (2010). I’ve only read those sections that discuss the Mandaeans, but was [Read More…]

Evaluating Online Sources Online: Revelation Course Blog

This semester, students in my course on the Book of Revelation had as one of their assignments to evaluate a web site and post their evaluation on a blog set up for this purpose. I’ll be reading their posts over the coming days, but I wanted to share a link to the blog so that [Read More…]

Copyright Conference: Digital Trek 2: The Wrath of ©han

Although discussions of digital materials and copyright have featured on this blog, I had to share this conference about copyright not so much because of that interest, but because of the Star Trek theme. The conference is being called: Digital Trek 2: The Wrath of ©han It is due to be held at Ball State [Read More…]

Y2K meets #SBL10

The view from the Marriott. Has anyone else been struck by the short-sightedness of having the SBL Twitter hash tag use only the last two digits of the year? This is just Y2K waiting to happen all over again! Imagine the confusion there will be at the 2110 annual meeting of the Society of Biblical [Read More…]

Notes from the Blogger Session at #SBL10

The blog Biblical Studies and Technological Tools has shared notes on the session about blogging and online publication from the Society of Biblical Literature 2010 annual meeting. [Read more…]

Clarifications from Larry Hurtado on Jesus-Devotion and Blogging

Larry Hurtado has posted some brief remarks clarifying some points about his understanding of Jesus-devotion in early Christianity. But the best quote is perhaps not related specifically to that topic, but to how his blog readers and commenters approach it: Those who can’t be bothered to read books and articles and who insist on engaging [Read More…]