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This semester, students in my course on the Book of Revelation had as one of their assignments to evaluate a web site and post their evaluation on a blog set up for this purpose.

I’ll be reading their posts over the coming days, but I wanted to share a link to the blog so that you can do so as well.

Your comments will be welcome, both for my benefit as I seek to evaluate not only what students produced, but also the value of this sort of assignment; and also for the benefit of the students, for some of whom this represents their very first steps towards contributing to that online pool of information that is the internet.

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  • http://jimgetz.org Jim Getz

    This is great. My department has been kicking around some of this (evaluation of online sources, public blogs, hot-button topics that are easily misunderstood, etc.). I'd love it if you could share your rubric for evaluating your student's work on this.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12753473054930075322 Máire

    That's an excellent idea! Looking forward to reading the blog.

  • Anonymous

    Nice blog but hideous colours.