SF in SF

I just realized that, if we manage to organize a session on science fiction and the Bible for next year’s SBL, which will be in San Francisco, we can bill it as “SF in SF”!

If that doesn’t convince you that 2011 is the year to do this, then perhaps nothing will!

And just think of all the great images we can draw on for our promotional materials…

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  • I have looked but I don't see Jesus strolling through the Academy quad. Photoshop, anyone?

  • .. I might settle for Wesley Crusher. He walks on water,too ;^P

  • Yes, Photoshop please! And add SBL to the StarFleet logo.(And if you like that sort of thing, you'll like the banner on the web page for my religion and science fiction course).

  • Forget the banner. The site is awesome enough to keep one busy reading for weeks. BTW, I wonder what Mary Doria Russell is up to these days? I went to see her speak at Creighton in 1999, I think, on a panel with a couple of Jesuit priests who were also authors. At that time, there was talk of a making a "Sparrow" movie and Antonio Banderas had accepted the part of Fr. Emilio Sandoz. If only *sigh*

  • Shouldn't it be SF²?

  • Mary Doria Russell's home page suggests she has been writing, just not science fiction. Karyn, I like it – but do we have enough people not only to make the session work, but with the necessary talents to make SF² insignias for our uniforms, whether they be those of StarFleet or Colonial Viper pilots? 🙂