Auto-Correct (Conference in Peril)

I just had the auto-correct feature on my iPad turn a mention of a conference in April into a statement about a “conference in peril.” Fortunately I caught it before I sent the e-mail. But I am starting to wonder if I can turn this feature off, since it would be better to have lots of words underlined in red calling out to be fixed, than to be able to assume that what you intended to type is what actually displayed when in fact it is not.

And why does it always suggest “ghat” when you don’t quite hit the letters for “that”? I’ve been to the ghats in India, they are breathtaking, but even so I honestly don’t mention them nearly as often as I use the word “that”, and I suspect that others are the same when it comes to he frequency of use of these words. Why program it to suggest “ghat” at all when most of the time the suggestion will be a nuisance?

Anyway, clearly the most serious and momentarily heartbreaking exchange, if it is based on a real one, is this one that has been making the rounds:

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  • "And why does it always suggest "ghat""…I do not know. But I know that much of our software is written by people in India. Their technical people speak English, their schools emphasize the sciences, and they get paid less than U.S. programmers (although a good salary in India).

  • My Kannada is a little rusty, but as I recall, "ghat" is a word used to refer to elitist Westerners who like to simultaneously show off and complain about their highfalutin technological devices.

  • robert austell

    I enthusiastically posted to Facebook that I had taken my kids to see the new Narnia movie, "Dawn Greaser" (thank you iPod).

  • I've had some hilarious near-misses on the iPad. Today I was typing "Gilbert," the name of a nearby town and school district I cover for the newspaper I work for. It autocorrected to "Gilgamesh!"