Issues for Firefox Commenters?

I’ve heard from a couple of people that have had issues commenting on the blog. I would love to ask how many are having this problem – but of course, if you cannot comment, that will make it hard to answer the question!

In many cases, if you have trouble logging in with your Blogger/Google account, you can simply use Name/URL, or even post anonymously and self-identify within the comment, in a worst case scenario.

I know that at least one person who had issues with commenting uses Firefox. I use Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer regularly, and so I unfortunately am likely to remain blissfully unaware of issues related to how this blog displays on Firefox. But if that browser and this blog seem to be incompatible, I hope you’ll find a way to tell me!

And not too surprisingly, when discussing browser issues, it is possible to bring Star Wars into the picture…
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  • I use Firefox and I have not had any problems.

  • I use Google and am behind a firewall at work and often have trouble and I think the problem is the caching of credentials somewhere between my office firewall and Google.Solution for me: 1. If I've typed my comment up already, make sure to copy it then2. Go to Google and log out and back in if I'm logged in, otherwise login. Then 3. Return back to the blog and paste my comment back in and then submit it (or just type it in). That seems to work.

  • Thanks for the comments. It sounds like it isn't Firefox that is the issue. I wonder if I've just filled the sidebars with too many widgets and it interferes with things somehow. Perhaps it is time to put the Blogroll and interesting sites onto separate pages. But I wouldn't have thought that was the issue.I'm going to try tinkering with one of the scripts and see whether changing it helps. Has this always been a problem, or did something change at some point, for those of you who have had problems when trying to comment?