Too Much of a [Insert Adjective] Thing?

Over the past few days I have trying to make a point of posting to my blog short mentions of interesting links that, in the past, I might simply have shared in my Google Reader feed widget and/or on Facebook.

This has resulted in an increased number of blog posts, as regularly readers of the blog are presumably aware, although if you usually see posts via Facebook, there may have been little or no noticeable difference.

I’d like to hear from you what the effect is of posting more often. Is it welcome, or annoying? Is it inconvenient in any way? And perhaps most importantly, is the result that you read more, or that you skim more things? Were there sometimes too many posts at once? If so, would it be helpful if I spread the posts out more over the course of the day?

Or to put reduce the multiple questions to a single short one: Should I try to keep this up?

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  • Paul D.

    My blog-reading method involves checking my feed reader a few times a day, skimming through the articles, and opening the ones I want to pay more attention to in Safari.I find I'm more likely to open one post with several links to different content rather than posts with a single link. (Also, I'm more likely to go directly to the link from a single-link post and not open your blog page at all.)There's also an optimal number of posts per day… perhaps 2–5. Too many and it becomes an annoyance. I saw this backed up by someone else the other day — people are more likely to delete from their feed readers blogs that post too often than posts than blogs which don't post enough. Jim West is over this comfort line for me; I still have him in my list but I just end up skipping past most of his posts.As a side note, I check your blog directly once or twice a day to catch up on comments and (particularly) to check out the links you have on the left side.

  • Anonymous

    Keep it up. Not everyone is on Facebook.

  • craigbenno1

    I think it depends on why you blog. Are you blogging for a specific type of reader to read. Are you blogging to publicise your thoughts.Or are you blogging to take the title from Jim West ;)If the post is interesting blog it. I think if its technical; then one post would suffice with a number of interesting ones added. If its really technical and not readable for the average layperson then you may get skipped over.A lot of my blog posts come from conversations I am having elsewhere; some are from my formal study and private devotions and others that catch my interest and others from my curiosity.

  • James F. McGrath

    Thanks for the feedback. I was indeed curious whether it would lead to more hits, and it did. But I am actually more interested in "competing" wih Jim West in a very different sense. I noticed that I was tending to simply mark posts in his blog as read without reading them (pretty much anything that was merely about Zwingli or total depravity) and would rather have a lower ranking and people actually reading what I post, than have people so frustrated with the number of times I posted that they unsubscribed or skimmed everything. I don't mind if readers identify posts that will not interest them and skip them, as long as I'm giving enough information in the titles to help identify with those.Those of us who read blogs in a feed reader have the advantage of being able to browse and skim conveniently, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who categorizes blogs. If I post too often and you don't find most of what I post interesting or entertaining, then Exploring Our Matrix could get demoted to a category you read less frequently or less carefully.Then again, there's Murphy's Law which suggests that if you try to please everyone, no one will like it.But let me stop here, since I'm breaking James' Law -never post something online until you're sure you've had enough coffee to do so coherently! :-)

  • Bob MacDonald

    My comments got lost: Quality is much more important than quantity. Excessive quantity is annoying. The race is irrelevant. Either you are or I am going to post something worth while – and I have to admit I am disappointed in some of my own posts especially when I was in a rush to do my marathon last summer. So take care. I would rather read you when you have had enough coffee.