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Exploring Jesus’ Matrix

Mark Goodacre shared the following two videos which look at Jesus’ context (or matrix). Mark also asks whether it is still the case that anyone who hears “matrix” thinks only of The Matrix. In naming my blog “Exploring Our Matrix” it was my hope both that people would think of the Matrix, but also understand [Read More…]

Was Jesus Buried – And If So How?

Was Jesus buried, and if so, was it in a tomb, a trench grave, or in some other way? This is the question (or set of related questions) that Answers in Genesis BUSTED! is pondering at present. The burial of Jesus is a topic that I have long found fascinating. When the relevant volume of the [Read More…]

Showcase of Faculty Use of Technology

I am one of several Butler University faculty who were interviewed and featured on the university web site in connection with interesting or innovative things we are doing with technology. [Read more…]

SBL 2011 Annual Meeting Call for Papers Open

Thanks to Nijay Gupta for his reminder that the call for papers for the 2011 SBL Annual Meeting is now open. [Read more…]

Around the Blogosphere (Creationism’s Gaps are Bigger and Badder)

Via the Biblioblog Top 50 I learned of several new blogs, including Larry Tanner’s blog Textuality. And so I’m sharing a post on creationism’s gaps from several months ago that I just encountered for the first time. The key point he makes is this: “When we compare evolution to creationism, then, we can fairly conclude that [Read More…]

Round-Up: My Blogging On Mythicism Thus Far

Newcomers to the blog have asked about my views on or engagement with a variety of topics, arguments, and individuals. And so I thought a collection of links to my posts on mythicism thus far might be in order. Why I Find Mythicism Disturbing in a NutshellScholars Assembling Puzzles: Illustrating Differences Between Scholarly Research and [Read More…]

Doubt Around The Blogosphere

So many posts related to doubt, uncertainty and crises of faith popped up in my feed over the past day or so that it seemed worth gathering them and sharing them in a blog post. Like a Child talks about Agnostic Christianity.Diglotting talks about Doubt and Faith.Joel Watts recommends embracing your crisis of faith.Jason Boyette [Read More…]

Evolution, Education and Ecology

The National Center for Science Education shared this abridged documentary, “Evolution, Education and Ecology,” focusing on recent debates in Kansas: Also from the NCSE is a response by Dr. Steven Newton to a creationist talk show that he appeared on. In related news, P. Z. Myers explains why petitioning Google Scholar to remove young-earth creationist [Read More…]

Eric Hobsbawm vs. the Mythicists

One popular quote found on mythicist web sites and in comments, mined from the second edition of Eric Hobsbawm’s Bandits, says “In no case can we infer the reality of any specific ’social bandit’ merely from the ‘myth’ that has grown up around him. In all cases we need independent evidence of his actions” (revised [Read More…]

Religion-Online is Back!

Thanks to Mark Goodacre for sharing the good news that Religion Online is back! [Read more…]