Alan Segal has passed away

Alan Segal has passed away February 14, 2011

I learned from Jim Davila the sad news that Alan Segal, the famous scholar of ancient Judaism and Christianity, has died rather suddenly and unexpectedly. In appreciation of his life and work, here are a few of his books which are available for preview on Google Books:

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  • First time I met him is when he responded to a paper of yours at SBL. He seemed such a gracious man. A real lose to the field.

  • Anonymous

    This is terrible news, Ancient Jewish studies will be so much more poorer without him. My prayers go to his family and may God rest his soul.Brian

  • Indeed, John, I remember that occasion well, when I read a paper (in a revised form it is now part of my book The Only True God critically engaging Segal's work on Two Powers. He was not only incredibly gracious but incredibly friendly and supportive, and remained so whenever our paths would cross. His death is indeed the loss of a special human being as well as a great mind and an insightful author.

  • (It's interesting to see that he used an Orthodox icon as cover for his "Life After Death" book…)

  • I guess now he'll finally know how many powers there are in heaven, and how life after death really looks like… (Liz Taylor also died today)