The Tutor from…Heaven, or Hell?

Via Hemant Mehta’s blog, here’s a video of a Bible tutor who doesn’t shy away from telling all the Bible’s stories to children…

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  • 🙂

  • Brutal. Worse than Leviticus.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Gary. Those JEWS were nasty weren't they?

  • No….The priesthood, who considered themselves above the common people and the poor. All the people we read about in the bible were Jews, including Jesus. The priesthood were the elite, and no different than the elite today, Jew or Christian. If you will remember, the priesthood, who prayed on the street corner where everyone could see them, but denied the poor the basic needs and respect to survive, where the ones called "vipers" by John the Baptist and Jesus. So "nasty" is your term for who? I think I have made myself clear.

  • Anonymous

    The Priesthood was made up of JEWS.

  • Much like Fox news reporters are a subset of reports, who are a subset of humans. I hate Fox news reporters. That does not mean I hate all reports, or all humans. So not all Jews were nasty. Just like not all Christians, Moslims, or Romans at the time were nasty. Seems to be a human trait, though… the more power a particular individual or group has, the more nasty they are….although I am sure there are exceptions.

  • reports should be reporters.

  • EvolutionSWAT

    Wow, that is one scary teacher!