The Lead Codices are Forgeries – If the E-Mail is Authentic

Daniel McClellan shares an e-mail allegedly from Peter Thonemann at Oxford, staking his career on the lead plates being forgeries, and explaining why.

Here’s the catch: Daniel can’t verify the authenticity of the e-mail. And verifying the authenticity of e-mails can sometimes be harder than verifying the authenticity and antiquity of lead plates!

If only Daniel had left posting on this until tomorrow, I would have found it more amusing…

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  • I've got some pictures up now of the plate discussed in the email. The iconography and lettering looks suspiciously like the other plates we've seen in the past few days.

  • Yes, the artwork is very similar and the text clearly indicates these as forgeries, and so this may indeed be enough to settle the matter. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Dr. Thonemann emailed me to confirm that he did write that email and has sent it out to several colleagues.