The Progressive Evangelical Bankrupt Church of Cafeteria Christianity

The title doesn’t reflect an actual denomination (perhaps it should?) but a range of views reflected in posts around the blogosphere. Encapsulating the most is an image shared by Jonathan Robinson (originally from Sacred Sandwich):

Undeception addresses simplistic assumptions about being “Biblical” or “Evangelical.”

And while some continue to stress the supernatural, Diglotting talks about progressive Christianity, while Michael Dowd asks whether Biblicist Christianity is bankrupt, rejecting notions of the supernatural and exploring the idea of God as personification.

And since Michael begins with a quote from Carl Sagan, that gives me an excuse to link to this.

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James the Lord’s Brother

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  • Anonymous

    I love Gregorian Chant, if my singing voice wasn't so bad I'd devote my the next three years of my life to trying to learn it. But of course miracles don't happen as often as they used too. Hopefully during the blessing of throats whenever that is, I'll be able to receive a singing voice. James, I am sorry to say but I disagree tremendously with Michael Dowd in regards to rejecting a supernatural God in favor of his so called personification and biblical Chistianity is not bankrupt, in fact the Bible contains so much to be admire even in places where it contains appalling text. Just because the Bible sometimes paints a picture of humanity that we do not like to see does not mean we should dismiss it as 'bankrupt'. Religious violence, sexism, racism are realities in our world and although biblical text sometimes fuels these hatreds. I'd blame the interpreter for not being self critical enough. The Bible critisizes itself all the time [Amos, Jesus, Ezekeil, Jeremiah, ect.] and so should we, it's a tradition. As I said before, it's funny how I critisize my sacred text with the same morality derived from it. We don't need Dowd's "Christianity" and although his idea of God as personification may sound appealing I'd say that it pales in constrast to more traditional Chrisianity. Afterall can Dowd's Christianity boast the same kind of spirituality as giant's like Ignatius of Loyola or St. John of the Cross?I proudly profess "Traditional" [whatever that is] Chistianity over Progressive [that isn't to say that I'm not progressive, I just don't have an evolutionary optimism].Brian

  • Anonymous

    I also proudly affirm the realities of modern science but because I hold a Catholic world view, I allow for God to be God, that is I allow for him to bles the worlds with his sacrements and miracles if he chooses to do so. Science has profoundly shaped my view of God, the Bible wasn't kidding when it said God is far greater than our human understanding. And notice that I said the Bible said this, although what the Bible considers to be greater than human understanding is different than what we currently understand the phrase to mean all our ways of conceptualizing God derive from Biblical text and Traditional Christianity. And how that is considered uninspiring is beyond me.Brian

  • Anonymous

    James, What is the point here. Are you noticing and upbraiding the church at large for not worshipping God as He has prescribed? Malcolm

  • Malcolm, if you are asking what the point of the image is, the answer is "humor", and if the question is why it is funny (or if it is funny) that is a different matter. I understood it to be indicative of what might happen if we try, as we are sometimes inclined to, to tailor church/worship to specific interests, constituencies and preferences, then we have to hold a lot of different services.Why everyone can't just appreciate the progressive rock style that I play things in is beyond me… 🙂