An Introduction to Biblioblogs

Having moved to this new site, I suppose there is another thing I should explain about this blog. It is a biblioblog. I know librarians who blog use that term too, but the most authoritative source in the known universe (which is being considered as a candidate to be declared a UNESCO heritage site) says that it means a blog dedicated to Biblical studies. And so presumably that settles it.

Even if you’ve been reading this blog only since it has been at Patheos, you probably already know that bibliobloggers don’t only blog about Biblical studies. Depending on an individual biblioblogger’s interests, they might share a tutorial for students of the Klingon language

(Of course, Klingon and Hebrew share some similar sounds, so this isn’t completely irrelevant to Biblical studies).

For a comprehensive collection of biblioblogs, check out the Biblioblog Reference Library and the Complete List of Biblioblogs.

There are monthly rankings of the Top 50 based on Alexa ranking, and Top 10 by vote. The latter is relatively new, and Exploring Our Matrix has been #1 since voting began. Please do cast a vote – whether to keep this blog #1, or to shake things up a little.

There is also a monthly Biblical Studies Carnival. This month it will be hosted by Unsettled Christianity. Joel Watts, who started that blog, is also hoping to edge out long-time #1 biblioblogger Jim West.  You can help by participating in his latest meme or just visiting and linking to his site. One reason to do the latter is by way of reminder about this month’s carnival, for which any submissions ought to be sent in soon!

Welcome to the biblioblogosphere. We hope you enjoy your stay!

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