Fringe Season Finale (Spoiler Free)

The season finale of Fringe did what season finales in LOST did best, without some of the things that it did that viewers found most frustrating. It took the plot developments thus far and gave them a direction to go in the next season that would add something new and exciting to the mix, and allow for new and satisfying themes. It did this  in a way that probably has many viewers asking (as we did with LOST) “What just happened?” but I think that in this case, for all the common elements such as time travel paradoxes, this finale actually gave us answers to major questions, without simply stringing us along with new ones. The only question we are really left with is “What happens now?” and that is a question that every good season finale leaves us wondering, no matter what the show.

For some thoughts on the Fringe season finale that are not spoiler free, see Nik at NitePaul Levinson and IO9. And for real life fringe science, see IO9’s article on five theories about what lies beyond our universe.

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