Jesus Meets Osama bin Laden

Whatever one’s gut reaction or more thoughtful reflection on the picture below, whatever one’s attraction or repulsion, or how well or poorly one feels that it makes its point or accurately represents the teaching of Jesus, I suspect that there is one thing everyone will agree on: it is a provocative image.

HT Matthew Paul Turner
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  • Peter Kirby

    shopped 😉

  • Angie Van De Merwe

    The ideal will always embrace the universal, but the real will distintify themselves because of survival. This is what humans will always be about, discriminating based upon their highest value. Middle Easterners value hospitality, and this is represented in your picture. But, is such embracing of evil a condoning of evil? (the question of loving the sinner but hating the sin…) That is a question of conscience and value, not a question of moral absolutes…Ethnic cleansing will continue till the world blows up, because we are self-defining creatures…

  • Anonymous

    That picture is sweet. I think Jesus would do something like that, as it does exemplify his radical message of forgiveness. Anyway what made you want to post this James? Something you read?Brian

  • Angie Van De Merwe

    We must not forget that the church via Paul valued a "no ethnic identity" stance. (There is neither Jew, nor Greek, but all are one in Christ Jesus…). But, such transcendental faith creates a faith that is "spiritually minded" to be no earthly good. In reality, people do identify and have to identify with something, if not ethinicity, then values. This is why the Church has sought to unify their doctrines and teaching so that people can be formed as "Christian robots"…doing, thinking and being in the world like "little Jesuses"…self-identify is denied in such environments…

  • Angie Van De Merwe

    And self-determining values are denied in such conservative/traditional cultures…

  • Anonymous

    That was actually a powerful picture. It is shocking, it is hard to imagine someone doing this, but I remember the pope embraced the man who tried to kill him (john Paul). I'm bit jaded I think.Mike Wilson

  • Rob Atkins

    That's great, but which one is Jesus?

  • Chris

    One interesting aspect of this picture is that it is consistent with Osama's own beliefs about what would happen to him when he died. Muslims believe Jesus was a prophet, so naturally Jesus will be among those waiting to receive martyrs in the afterlife. This could easily be an Islamist propaganda piece.

    • James F. McGrath

      Nothing in particular apart from the picture itself, which really does make you think.

  • Anonymous

    hi all,just found the funniest osama product ever!check it out


    I want to post this photo on facebook but know I will get my ass chewed out for it.Oh well, here goes…