Mythicism Round-Up

It may be that different readers are getting a different impression of my treatment of Doherty’s book depending on whether they have read the extended ongoing conversation about mythicism that preceded it here. And so I thought that I would post here, for the convenience of anyone who may be interested, a round-up of my previous blogging about this topic. I posted a round-up on January 26th, 2011, and so I will link to that round-up to cover my earlier blogging on mythicism, and below I only include more recent posts on the subject.  

A Menu of Answers to Mythicists
Mythicism, Plausibility and Uncertainty
James the Brother of the Lord and Mythicism
The End of the Mythicist Age
Explaining Mythicist Sleight of Hand
Mythicism and the Blood of Heavenly Beings
Are Some Forms of Mythicism Inherently Self-Contradictory?
Mythicist Constraints?
Mythicist Misunderstanding
Mythicism Meets Mandaism
Mythicism’s Best Answers?

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