What Can You Do With A Degree In Religious Studies?

Those who teach religion and those who study it at university are inevitably familiar with the question, “What can you do with a degree in religion?”

I learned last week, at a celebration for Butler University’s departing president Bobby Fong, one answer to that question.

Our incoming university president, James M. Danko, majored in religious studies as an undergraduate.

He went on to found a company, work in university administration at a variety of levels including currently as the Helen and William O’Toole Dean of Villanova School of Business at Villanova University.

I often answer the question “What can you do with a degree in religion?” with the answer “anything.” But it is always good to have concrete examples of specific “anythings” from the real world. James M. Danko, soon to be president of Butler University, is one such example.

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  • http://sawiggins.wordpress.com Steve Wiggins

    Unfortunately, the antithesis is also true. Some of us have found that the answer is "nothing"!

  • Anonymous

    Which one is which?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02561146722461747647 James F. McGrath

    Presumably it is possible to do nothing with a degree in anything. :-)