(Possible) Bibliobloggers and #ManlyMen Discuss Biblioblogging and Bullying

Several bloggers have joined in the discussion about the term “biblioblog” and the question of biblioblog and biblioblogger identity.

Peter Kirk chimed in, noting the irony that the top post of the day was my post about the Doctor Who Experience.

Doug Chaplin doesn’t care. Chris Brady seems to, slightly. John Loftus thinks it’s all a plot to exclude him.

Mark Goodacre notes that biblioblogs.com has become defunct.

Tom Verenna asks whether credentials or sci-fi side interests should affect one’s status.

J.K.Gayle points out that three of the top 5 biblioblogs are by women.

Meanwhile, many bibliobloggers and bloggers whose status as such is presumably open to discussion joined together to stand up to Mark Driscoll’s bullying. They have also been confessing (via the Twitter hashtag #ManlyMen) their less manly attributes. And if my telling you that I get a lump in my throat at the end of Toy Story 3 leads you to think less of me, so be it.

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