Zombies: Educational Resources

Thanks for my friend and colleague Brad Matthies for drawing attention to some online sources that address zombies, but which I think could be used to good humorous effect in a class explaining research skills and the need to find reliable sources of information. First, there’s an online comic which uses the scenario of a zombie attack to explain about all the useful things one can find in a university library. It’s called “Library of the Living Dead”:

Then, there’s a spoof on Mythbusters which illustrates what cannot accurately be called a scientific approach to testing the myth that one bite from a zombie will turn you into a zombie. There is a little bit of swearing, but if you like zombies then I am guessing you have the necessary tolerance not to mind too much.

But my all time favorite is this instructional video, “A Very Zombie Holiday.” If you have never seen it, you are in for a treat:

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