Around the Biblioblogosphere: Nick Norelli Stinks, Thom Stark to Eat Shoe

Nick Norelli may have been spared from a serious accident because he stinks (click through to make sure that I am not just making this up). While I am glad Nick is physically OK, I am not so sure about his theology: I must confess that I am not sure why God would save his life by making him forget to put on deodorant, rather than simply fixing his brakes, if God does those sorts of things.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere, Thom Stark will have to eat his own shoe. Any advice you can give him regarding cooking and condiments to make it more palatable will be appreciated, I’m sure.

In other news, while you may not be eligible to enter the 2011 “Dance Your PhD” competition if your degree is in Biblical studies, you can participate in Accordance’s giveaway of a MacBook Air. Click through for more details.

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