Reviews of The God Complex and More

There has been a fair bit of interest and discussion in response to my post on the most recent Doctor Who episode, “The God Complex.” Here are some other reviews and blog reflections on the episode that I’m aware of:

The Oncoming Hope  God Complex aka The Characters Uncomplex

Stuff and Conscience  The Doctor and the Minotaur

IO9  Dr. Who: The Hero Takes a Fall

Inter-Galaxy Portal Review of The God Complex

UPDATE: See also the post at Fat Train which points out something I hadn’t noticed: Matt Smith played the Clown! Whose room would have had the Doctor as a clown in it?!

Elsewhere in the blogosphere, Rod of Alexandria has added posts on chapter 2 and chapter 3 of Religion and Science Fiction. IO9 has a review of the Star Wars complete saga on Blu-Ray.

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