Science Fiction and Religion around the Blogosphere

Here are some sci-fi posts from around the blogosphere which are likely to be of interest to readers:

Image via Marc Cortez
Cheese-Wearing Theology continues reviewing Religion and Science Fiction, reaching Fuji Lozada’s chapter on sci-fi in China.

The Sci-Fi Catholic responded to an earlier post by his evil twin about the relationship between religion and science fiction.

Religion Nerd discussed Hollywood images as religious resources.

Loren Rosson has blogged about the last two episodes of Doctor Who: Let’s Kill Hitler and Night Terrors.

The Oncoming Hope evaluates the problem with the Ponds and proposes a new Doctor Who drinking game.

Brad Matthies has two posts on changes to Star Wars for the Blu-Ray edition.

IO9 asks if Close Encounters launched postmodernism, and reminds us that Fringe returns this month.

Randall Rauser reposted an old blog entry on God and extraterrestrial life.

Finally, Only a Game discusses why we never cry for the plight of Mario and Peach.

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